Friday, 13 April 2012

Its spring!

Many people think tat to be Goth, you need to spend hours on your outfit and make-up every single day, just to prove you belong to the subculture. Perhaps this is because a Goth's worst nightmare is being called a poser. But spring has finally command its the time to dress down, wear more colour - or different shades of black- and just have fun experimenting with clothes. As far as make-up goes I'm a firm believer that a little bit of red lipstick is a Goth girl's best friend. I have to admit, after a record breaking month of having an  the same hair style, I simply got bored of it and left my hair un-straightened and messy, a fabulous look for those long study nights leading up to my June A-level exams. Oh joy! So here are some of the outfits I have been especially fond of in the past few weeks. Combined with a ridiculous amount of sun screen, I'm surviving the recent sunny days.

This first outfit is perfect for warm sunny days. Although I don't really go out when its sunny -or I might burn up and die- and I wouldn't be caught dead without an umbrella. The translucent black shirt keeps me generally covered up and the cute hat shelters me from those nasty UV rays ^.^

  • hat - TopShop
  • black shirt - Internationale
  • red lace dress - off brand piece I found in the local Goth shop Void
  • tutu - it puffs up the skirt and makes any dress look extra cute
  • black tights - any will do
  • latex look platforms - Sells , Storm

I'm really fond of this dress, maybe because it was my very first statement piece from back when I was still a baby bat finding out about the subculture. Also it's so easy to dress up or down. This outfit is one I wear most often coss its so very me! 

  • glasses - Clair's
  • necklace - given to me by my dear cousin
  • stripy sweater - Peacocks
  • latex look platforms - Sells , Storm

This is my official photography outfit. combined with a camera bag on my shoulder, and a tripod on my back it can really be rather sexy, but the main appeal is because it is just so comfortable!!! Since its very monochromatic I cannot wear it without my red lipstick.

  • glasses - Clair's
  • 'Don't fuck with me, I'm a pirate!' top - I got at the Emilie Autumn concert as a statement of my love for Captain Maggot... and because I'm so obviously a pirate XD
  • pleated skirt - Necessary Evil (came with the safety pins)
  • suspender belt and fishnet stockings - BlueBanana
  • boots - somewhere in Luxembourg
  • bracelets - from various holidays

This next outfit  is what i used to wear every day back when I was going though my metal stage. I do miss those days, but all these spikes and chains get a little heavy. I definitely wouldn't recommend wearing it on a warm spring day... but it does come in handy during cloudy days and metal concerts.
  • top - Emilie Autumn
  • belt - BlueBanana
  • bondage pants - Poison Industries
  • hand warmers - Clair's
  • bracelets - Major
  • chains - home made
  • boots - Sella, Storm

Lately I've began discovering lots of little gems which somehow got berried beneath my ever growing mountain of clothing. I have quite honestly forgot I had this trench coat. It's by criminal damage and it's actually a male coat surprise surprise.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Emilie Autumn concert

It was probably the best weekend this year. The epicness actually started that Friday evening, when me and Jemma stayed up till midnight making cupcakes. There were tea flavoured cupcakes, and vanilla flavoured cupcakes, and foul red cupcakes of questionable flavour - somewhere between death and demon juice. Anyway cupcakes and Margarita pizza is the perfect combination to kick start an amassing weekend.

The pre-gig ritual was in order the next morning. My friends organised the 'Nottingham Muffin Meetup' for all Emilie fans. And there were millions of us. Half way though the day some strangers came and joined us because, if someone was dressed somewhat peculiar, they were most likely going to the gig... or perhaps they just wanted out cupcakes. Whatever the motives, I sure made tones of new friends on that day.
We all arrived at rock city at about 4, despite the fact that the concert started at 8. And surprisingly we weren't the first ones there. That is commitment!

The lighting technicians fucked with us in the pre-gig hour. They changed the lighting, even played music just to tell us that we had to wait some more. Ah the suspense! But when Captain Maggot finally jumped out on stage, fallowed by Veronica and Contessa with a life size heart in her hands, the magic began. We could hear Emilie's voice but she was dancing behind the massive clock.

The very first outfit was a rat... lets just say if I could make something like this, I would never ever take it off! She climbed the clock and continued to sing, a voice so beautiful it made my soul cry, while my body was too preoccupied taking photos. Thank god my camera broke half way though the performance coss otherwise I'd have watched it thought the camera lens.

The second song was 'Finght Like a Girl'. It was probably the first Emilie Autumn song I have ever heard - I'm a new plague rat- so as you can imagine I really really love it. However when she played it live, the pure energy, the sound... I have no words to explain how magical it was. Simply magical.
One thing that really puzzles me is how can she change so fast. One minute she's dancing around the stage in a Victorian outfit and a massive Mohawk; and the next she runs onto the stage in Oliver Twist style clothes with a hat. Where did all that hair go?! Of course this was especially for 'Girls Girls Girls' which is one of her new songs, and one which I'm in love with. I screamed my lungs out.

The rat game was also legendary, mainly because the 2 girls which were kissed by Veronica were really rather pretty. And not to mention Emilie's and Veronica's kiss. My heart stopped!

Anyway one thing I also wanted to mention was Captain Maggot's fire hoolahoop. If my camera didn't fuck up on me I would have gotten some photos... so much for technology. Ah I think I got a serious crush for Captain Maggot. Perhaps coss she's a pirate, or because she spat little crumbs of cookie all over me and my friends - there isn't a better way of getting into a woman's heart. And her stage dive was amassing! I'm so jealous of everyone who got to touch her >o<
-serious fan girl moment-

The very last song on the list was 'Thank god I'm pretty' and Emilie was meant to sing it. The crowd managed to sing it louder than her, so she just played along and we sang. Ah such a beautiful finish to such a wonderful night. Adjusting back to reality seems really tricky now. My soul decided to stay in the Asylum and I don't think it's coming back any time soon T.T

Thursday, 8 March 2012

You just cannot go wrong with a rainbow

It's an unwritten universal law: rainbows are epic. So I decided to rainbow my hair, and nothing was going to hold me back!.. apart from perhaps my school which threatened to kick me out. But nothing apart from that!.. apart from also my parents which try to suppress my craziness. But I did find a way around all this. Instead oh hair dye, I actually used chalk pastels which in my opinion work so much better. Why? Because instead of fading and looking like poop for months, they just wash off and I can do it all again. It never gets boring ^.^
Just 2 days left till Emilie Autumn's gig. I can't possibly express my excitement with words. So I'm expressing it with my hair and my queer fashion sense. This time I decided to have a smash at steam punk. The good news is: I personally love this outfit and make-up. The bad news is: My corset was laced up so tight that I can still feel the pain in my ribcage... Your corset is your armour, breathing is unimportant!

Ukulele rock star

Meet Jemma, my little goth ^.^
2 days left till Emilie Autumn's gig, which the 2 of us are going to. So last Saturday we thought, why not have a smash at doing some epic makeup. This isn't actually my original idea, but inspired by a girl from But we both loved it so much we just couldn't say no. One idea led to another and within seconds we ended up doing a whole photos shoot. For the tutorial please check out my YouTube channel.

Makeup used:
  • Laura Mercier - tinted moisturiser in ivory
  • Illamasqua - skin base in white
  • L'oreal - pressed powder in ivory
  • Urban Decay - eyelid primer
  • Stargazer - eyeshadow in deep red
  • Ubran Decay - eyeshadow in precession
  • Urban Decay - eyeshadow in rock star
  • Urban decay - black eyeliner
  • Tape
  • M.A.C. - black mascara

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pink eyebrows and blue eyes

My soul is a rainbow, despite my gothic preferences in fashion. And since my school prevents me from dying my hair funky colours, I went for the next best thing. My eyebrows. This isn't the first time I died them pink, just because pink is the only die I have an excess of at home at the moment. But it is the first time I got decent photos. Turns out all I needed to do is put my headphones on, blast Skrillex  and tah da!

And another positive of pink eyebrows is that they make blue eyes look insane.

Poison Plum

 This look is inspired by my favourite eye shadow of all time! Yes it is 'Poison Plum' by Sugar Pill... the most insane purple in this world! So despite taking me a full 2 hours to complete - blame my crazy perfectionism for this- it's actually a relatively simple look. I frequently wear a much more dressed down version of it on every day basis. I guess it is for brave people, but bravery is my 2nd to last name after all ;]

So here's a list f al the products I used for this look:

  • Urban Decay - eyelid primer
  • Sugar Pill - poison plum
  • Inglot - pale lavender eyes hadow
  • Kobo - white liner pencil
  • Front Cover - silver dollar 
  • Catrice - black liquid liner
  • M.A.C. - mascara
  • 2 pairs of false lashes and some lash glue

 - here's a link to the tutorial

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sudden relisation

All three of these photos are taken out of a moving vehicle...

On my way back home from Dover (and consequently from Austria) I could not prevent my self from taking these photos. They are all  taken out of a my dad's car, going somewhat fast, on a shutter speed of between 1/1600s and 1/3000s and surprisingly they did turn out rather sharp. I couldn't help my self. They sky looked as if it was on fire, the clouds were physically burning with the orange and yellow light. Very rarely do I see such majestic twilight sky where I live, but here, somewhere down the motorway, it was all too real and too vivid. 

And as the sun began to fade I found my self using a bigger and bigger aperture... and I began to wonder why was it that my photos were darker and darker, tho my eyes could still fsee fine. And that's when it struck me. It wasn't so much a new revelation as a suden realisation, coss to be honest, I was tought this in science all thoughout secondary school! But it was only now that it really made sense to me.

Vision is esentially light passing though your pupil, reaching a receptor and then being decoded as an image by the brain. Just like the camera's aperture setting, the pupil has a physical ability to expand and contract, therefore regulating the amout of light passing. This is why I could see so clearly even though my photos were gatting darker and darker. This also made me wonder, what do things really look like, without this biological optical ilusion. If we had a fixed pupil, what would the world really look like? Scary thought.... just another one of my life questions and pointless rambles.